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3 Ways We Can Help Improve Your IAQ


The air quality in your home can be just as important as the temperature of that air for your home comfort. It might sound like a strange concept but your indoor air quality really can make or break your ability to enjoy the environment in your home. This is why we include indoor air quality (IAQ) services as a part of our HVAC services in Fountain, CO.

So what factors can help or hinder your home comfort and how can you address indoor air quality? We can answer these questions and provide you with solutions to help you boost your IAQ.

What Goes Into Your Indoor Air Quality?

We know it might sound odd to hear that your indoor air quality can hinder your home comfort, but it is true. Let us explain the how and why behind this so you can understand why “a little bit of dust” can create a big problem.

First things first, we’ll address dust and other airborne particles. Whether your home is new or old, you should want to keep the air inside as clear of dust, dirt, fur, pollen, and other particles as possible. For one thing, all that airborne debris can reduce your HVAC systems’ ability to cool the home. For another, extra dust is going to make your air conditioner work harder and can cause issues for your system like a dirty evaporator coil.

Another problem you might encounter is poor airflow due to problems with your ductwork. Dirty ducts can reduce the airflow into your home and can spread dust and debris around the home. Leaky ductwork can waste pre-cooled, filtered air while allowing hot air in, the opposite of what you want.

Systems and Services to Help Clear the Air in Your Home

If you are noticing it is a little too tough to cool your home off this summer or your are having more trouble than normal with allergies and discomfort, it might be due to your indoor air quality. How do you improve this part of your indoor environment? We have some options to help you:

  • Air filters: Air filters are installed within your ductwork where they help to capture a variety of particles ranging from dust, dirt, and fur, to pollen and other allergens. Air filters will come in different strengths allowing them to capture different particles.
  • Duct services: Your ductwork is the delivery system for your conditioned air so when something goes wrong with your ducts it will impact everything with your home comfort. Our duct services will keep your ducts in good condition and allow them to effectively deliver the clean, cool air you need.

Whether you need help improving your indoor air quality or you need help managing a faltering air conditioner, Brown’s Heating & Cooling can provide the services you need. Our trained expert technicians provide installations, repairs, and replacements that will ensure your home comfort.

Don’t let the weather get you down, call Brown’s. We work hard to exceed our customers expectations every time.

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