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Air Filtration System and Air Purifier Services in Colorado Springs, CO

As a Colorado Springs area homeowner, don’t you think you deserve to live in a household that is as comfortable, safe, and healthy as possible? We agree! In fact, our commitment to safety is one of our core values—Brown's Heating & Cooling provides a Code Safety Guarantee among many other warranties and guarantees.

We think the air you breathe should be as healthy and contaminant-free as possible. That’s why we provide exceptional air filtration system and air purifier services in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding area. These systems are indoor air quality products that help fend off many of the allergens and pollutants that can get into your household and make even the healthiest person ill. You and your family deserve proper air quality!

Don’t let your air quality get you down, call Brown’s for your air filtration system and air purifier services! Contact our team today.

Air Filtration and Air Purifier Installation

When you hear about air filtration systems, do you wonder why they’re necessary? After all, aren’t the air filters that go in your HVAC systems good enough to keep your indoor air healthy? Well, no. In fact, these air filters are in place to protect the HVAC system itself from dirt, dust, and other debris that get in and harm the components.

An air filtration system can help you combat debris like dust, pollen, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, and more. Fortunately, a whole home air purification or air filtration system can help! With the right combination of air filtration and air purification, we can get you back on track.

Ask our Colorado Springs team members about our various filtration and air purification system options. You may find you benefit from a UV air purifier! Also called a UV germicidal light, this system is installed directly in the ductwork to eliminate mold and mold spores where they thrive.

Air Filtration Replacement Services

Is your current method of air filtration starting to fail you? Are family members suffering from allergies and asthma symptoms, or do you notice that your home’s surfaces never stay clean for long? If so, it’s possible you’re in need of an air filtration replacement.

You might even consider if you have the right type of systems in place to combat your air quality problems. For instance, while an electrostatic air cleaner will take particles directly from the air, a UV air purifier attacks some contaminants at the source, before they even make it into your air.

Air Purifier and Air Filtration Repair Services

Sometimes, replacement isn’t the answer. That’s something you have to look forward to when you work with our Colorado Springs team members. We aim to be like a friend who is offering good advice rather than salespeople just looking to close a deal—if you need air filtration repair and replacement can wait, we’ll tell you so.

Of course, the best way to ensure your indoor air quality systems work for as long as possible, as efficiently as possible, is by keeping up on your HVAC maintenance. Air filtration maintenance will ensure that your systems are up to date and performing as they should be.

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