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Bryan W's Profile Image
Bryan W, This month

This morning I got news from a different HVAC company (the big ONE) that I needed a new furnace due to my system being flooded. I got a second opinion from Brown's - Mike came out the same day and found the issue - a trap holding water causing the furnace to turn off. A $200 call vs an $8500 furnace the other company was trying to sell me. These guys are honest and professional and get my recommendation fully.

Ray Betzler's Profile Image
Ray Betzler, Last month
Dee's Profile Image
Dee, Last month

Thank you Brown's for being there for me. I have had to call and get immediate help and you guys are always right there for me. April and Lisa are great and answer the phones its wonderful to actually talk to a person that truly cares. Mike the repair professional is so knowledgeable, easy going and personable. Mike explains everything he is doing with the repair and is very transparent with the customer. He has gained my trust his explanation of everything he is working has empowered me to understand his work. Thanks so much!

Agnes B's Profile Image
Agnes B, Last month

Billy did an amazing job cleaning the furnace. I signed up for the maintenance plan. I am very thankful that my neighbor told me about Brown's heating. Billy went above and beyond cleaning and servicing the furnace. It runs very efficiently now. Thank you for a job well done. Honest, kind and reliable company. Thank you David as well for fixing my humidifier.

Drew Cahill's Profile Image
Drew Cahill, Last month

Absolutely the best! Their communication was great the whole time, and they made things happen last minute to make sure we had heat before a cold front came in. I never felt like I was being upsold and they took the time to educate me and give me multiple options. Looking forward to working with them again next year to addd AC to my system. Thanks again!

brooke jones's Profile Image
brooke jones, Last month

Mike was great, efficient, and friendly

don moss's Profile Image
don moss, Last month

Billy was super great. He took the time to answer our questions and was very knowledgeable. Please put Billy down for our tech that we want the next time there is a need! Thanks for such a friendly and attentive employee...

buzzing bee's Profile Image
buzzing bee, Last month

Billy came by for our annual Winter inspection. He did a fantastic job . We have been using Browns for many years now.
We couldn't be happier with the service they provide us.

John Heenan's Profile Image
John Heenan, Last month

Billy was friendly and professional and did and all around great job!

Lonny Wriedt's Profile Image
Lonny Wriedt, Last month

Extremely happy with the service call from Brown's Heating and Cooling today. My regular fall maintenance was done as part of The Healthy Home Program. Billy performed todays service. He called ahead and was right on time. Billy was professional, courteous, clean, and advised me on how the furnace was performing. He completed the full service as well as changed out the pad for the whole house humidifier. Brown's and Billy are the best.

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