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Duct Services in Colorado Springs, CO

How often do you think about the “V” part of your HVAC systems? If you’re like many Colorado Springs area residents, chances are not much. V stands for ventilation, and we’re referring to your ductwork here. If you are utilizing a central air conditioner and/or central heating system then you rely on your ductwork whether you think about it or not.

New ductwork can make a world of difference in both your indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. We are the team to talk to for your duct installation and replacement services. Our goal is to achieve your 100% satisfaction. In fact, it’s one of our many guarantees, among our installation workmanship guarantee, client courtesy promise, and more.

Don’t let the weather or poor air quality get you down, call Brown’s for your duct services in Colorado Springs. Contact us today to get started!

Duct Installation

Professional duct installation is vital to ensuring that your climate control systems and air quality both stay in good shape. Ductwork is actually a lot more fragile than you might think. Incorrect installation could lead to poorly sized ducts, loose joints, and pinhole tears leading to leakage.

This might not seem like a big deal, but duct leakage can actually rob your HVAC systems of up to 30% of their output. This means you’re consuming energy without enjoying the comfort from your heating or cooling system.

Additionally, damaged ducts let contaminants in. Things like pollen, dust, and other debris can get sucked into your ductwork and distributed through your household. Tears can lead to moisture accumulation, too, which will result in mold growth.

Duct Replacement

When you properly care for your ductwork, by investing in professional installation and following up with thorough HVAC maintenance once a year for each home comfort system, it can last for many years. But no ductwork lasts forever. Often, the reason Colorado Springs homeowners choose to replace their ductwork is because it’s getting old and worn down, and starts experiencing problems, like we mentioned above.

Your ductwork can even start collapsing after enough wear and tear. Contact our team to see what your options are. In some cases a partial duct replacement may be enough to get your HVAC performance and indoor air quality back on track. In other cases, a full duct replacement might be necessary. You can rely on our team members to be honest with our recommendations, we aren’t just out to close a deal!

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