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Heating Installation and Replacement Services in Colorado Springs, CO

When you think about what some of the most important systems in a Colorado Springs area home might be, we imagine that an effective heating system would be at the top of the list. We certainly do have variable weather with unexpected heat waves, but overall our winters necessitate safe and efficient home heating.

That’s why you should call on our NATE-certified team members for your heating installation and replacement services. We aren’t just salespeople looking to close the deal—we are an honest and family-oriented heating contractor concerned with delivering WOW service and demonstrating the highest level of integrity. Don’t look anywhere else when you need expert heating services. Turn to Brown's Heating & Cooling!

Don’t let the weather get you down, call Brown’s! Contact us today for heating installation and replacements in the Colorado Springs area.

Heating Installation

When you search "heating system installation near me," it’s easy to be tempted by the first or the cheapest result you find. Don’t work with just any heating contractor for your furnace or heat pump installation. Our technical savviness and focus on integrity means that we’ll provide the best, most comprehensive heating installation on the market.

Did you know a bad furnace installation can leave you not only with inefficiencies, but safety issues as well? If you invest in a gas-powered furnace, for example, the connections must be carefully made and the system must be properly sized to avoid potential hazards in the future. We "think twice, act once" here at Brown's Heating & Cooling, so you’ll never need to worry about an inadequate heater installation.

Heating System Replacement

There will come a time in your heating system’s lifespan that repairs just won’t cut it anymore. If you have an aging furnace or heat pump system—a unit that’s 10-15 years old—and you find yourself calling for repairs multiple times a year, it likely makes more economic sense to upgrade the system.

Other signs it may be time for heating system replacement include:

  • Inefficient Heat
  • Low Airflow
  • Strange or Unfamiliar Noises
  • Higher than Average Heating Bills
  • Uneven Heating

Heating repair is a good option for newer systems, but if the above symptoms are happening in an older system, please contact our Colorado Springs team members to learn about your upgrade options. A general rule of thumb is that if your next repair or series of repairs will cost half of what the system is worth, it makes more financial sense to replace the heater.

We Install Energy-Efficient Heaters

When you’re looking to install or replace a heating system, it’s likely you’re shopping through energy-efficient heaters that are on the market. Furnace efficiency is measured with an AFUE rating, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher this number, the more efficient the system will be. Keep in mind, however, that a furnace can only perform as efficiently as it is meant to if it is properly sized and expertly installed.

The same goes for a heat pump installation. Heat pumps both heat and cool, so without proper installation you’re sacrificing comfort all year long. An underpowered or even an overpowered system won’t do your home, or your wallet, any good. Reach out for more information!

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