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Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Furnace


It may come as a surprise to learn that it’s not officially winter. Perhaps you’ve been running your furnace for a couple of months and it seems like winter should already be here. By now, you’ve probably got a good idea of how well your furnace has been performing. If your furnace is giving you the impression that it might not last for the entire heating season, then read on. 

If you’re wondering if your furnace is due to be replaced sometime soon, here are some questions to ask yourself. Are your utility bills going up but it seems like your furnace isn’t adequately heating your home? Is your furnace approaching the end of its estimated lifespan? Answering these questions is a good place to start to determine if you’ll need a new furnace in Peyton, CO sooner than later. Here are more questions to ponder.

How Many Repairs Has Your Furnace Had?

In the last couple of years, how many times has your furnace needed repairs? If you’ve had to call for repairs 1-2 times a year, that’s too often. Another way to tell if you’re repairing the furnace too often is to add up the cost of the last repairs. If the total is more than half the price of a new furnace, then continuing to repair your old furnace is a waste of money. You’d be better off putting that money toward a new system.

Has Your Furnace Broken Down Completely?

It’s not a good sign if your furnace has broken down completely. In Colorado, having a dependable furnace isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. You don’t want to experience another breakdown on the coldest day of the year.

How Old Is Your Furnace?

Depending on whether you have a gas or electric furnace, a furnace that’s past its estimated service life will need to be replaced soon. The standard estimate for gas furnaces is about 15-20 years and 20-30 years for electric furnaces. If you have an old furnace, pay attention to the warning signs since the furnace is in the timeframe when it can start to decline rapidly.

Have Your Utility Bills Increased?

Now’s a good time to monitor your heating bills if you haven’t been doing so already. If your bills have increased with no obvious cause such as an increase in usage, it may mean the furnace is dying. A furnace can lose its energy efficiency during the last 2 years of its service life.

Is Your Furnace Adequately Heating Your Home?

This is one of the most serious and frustrating signs that your furnace is due for replacement. Although there could be other reasons for this, if you’ve had it checked out and your furnace still isn’t performing well, it’s likely due for a replacement. Signs of poor performance include uneven heating from room to room or your furnace simply not heating your home to an acceptable level of comfort. 

We realize that the conversation about furnace replacement is one that homeowners really dread and we understand why. Although replacement can be a stressful process, the good news is that our team is here to make sure that the installation of your new furnace installation is as easy as possible. 

Don’t let your furnace get you down, contact Brown’s to discuss furnace installation in Peyton, CO today.

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