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Here’s How to Tell If You Need to Replace Your Furnace!


If you’ve come across this blog post during an internet search, then chances are that you’re in a bit of a rush to find a solution to your heater problems. Of course, rushing into a new furnace purchase isn’t a great idea, but what is a good idea is to find out if that’s even what you need.

We are here for all your furnace service needs, whether it’s repairs, replacement, or maintenance. But read on as we share below some of the warning signs that indicate you may be looking at a furnace upgrade for your suffering heating system.

Your Furnace Is Aging

Do you know how old your furnace is? Even if your heating system is very well-maintained, the average useful service life of a gas furnace is 10-15 years, maybe a little longer for an electric furnace.

Furnaces can only last for so long. Even with routine maintenance, an aging furnace will start working inefficiently, may have frequent repair needs, and just won’t work like it did when it was brand new.

Plus, even furnaces in the last decade have been designed at even higher efficiency ratings than systems in the past, with some having an AFUE rating as high as 98%! Remember, efficiency means affordability.

You’re Constantly Calling for Repairs

Have you had to repair your furnace more than once in the last few years? You shouldn’t have to repair your furnace this often, and if you are, it can very well be a sign that it’s time for an upgrade. This is especially true if, again, your furnace is aging.

In any circumstance, though, constant repairs are never a good sign. A general rule of thumb is that if your next repair or set of repairs is going to cost over half of what the system is worth, it’s a better economic choice to upgrade.

You Hear Strange Noises

What qualifies as a “strange” noise, exactly? It’s going to be anything outside of the normal, day-to-day operational sounds. While it’s completely normal to hear your furnace start-up, your ductwork fluctuate a bit as the temperature changes inside of it, and the whoosh of air through your room vents, what you don’t want to hear is anything that sounds like:

  • Heavy Rattling or Banging
  • Grating
  • Humming or Buzzing
  • Clicking as the System Runs
  • Screeching or Squeaking

Each of these can mean a different problem is occurring in your system, and some are more severe than others. The bottom line is, if these strange noises are accompanied by frequent repair needs and old age, give us a call to start exploring your replacement options.

You’re Experience Low Airflow or Cold Air

Is the air blowing through your home not as satisfying as it used to be? You shouldn’t have to deal with low airflow coming into your home, or lukewarm air instead of the warmth you’re used to.

If you have either of these issues and they keep persisting, it’s probably time to make an upgrade. Alternatively, it can be a problem with your air ducts–but this is still a problem you want to manage as it will impact your air conditioner as well during spring and summer.

For professional furnace service in Black Forest, CO, look no further than Brown’s Heating & Cooling. Contact us today!

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