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Heat Pump Won’t Switch Modes? 4 Possible Causes


Your heat pump provides essential year-round heating and cooling to your home. But sometimes, it can seem like it’s not switching modes. In the cold of winter, there’s nothing worse than the feeling that your tried-and-true heat pump seems like the reversing valve is stuck in cooling mode. Let’s look at 4 possible causes of this problem. 

1. The Reversing Valve

The most likely cause behind a “stuck” heat pump is a broken reversing valve. This component is what separates your heat pump from air conditioners. Its job is to change the direction of the refrigerant flow to switch from heating to cooling and vice versa.

If you aren’t getting heat from your heat pump, it could very well be this component. The good news is that a broken reversing valve is relatively easy for our technicians to fix by simply replacing it with a new one. We should be able to restore your heating quickly.

2. The Thermostat

Sometimes what seems like a problem with the heat pump itself is really a lack of communication between the heat pump and the brains behind your HVAC system–the thermostat. Thermostat issues are a fairly quick and easy fix for a professional team such as ours. 

Sometimes your thermostat isn’t correctly picking up the temperature of your home. If it thinks it’s warmer than your home actually is, it won’t output heat.  Just don’t try and re-calibrate your thermostat yourself. You don’t want to damage this component.

3. An Electrical Issue

The proper functioning of a complicated piece of machinery like a heat pump requires the cooperation of a lot of electrical components. When they’re not working well together, the result can be that your heat pump isn’t putting out enough heat. Electrical issues can happen every now and they and they can range in terms of how extensive the repair need will be. Rely on a professional team for any wiring issues that could be causing a heat pump malfunction.

4. A Refrigerant Leak

What may seem like a heat pump that can’t switch modes may in fact be a common problem with air conditioners: a refrigerant leak. If you’ve ever owned a central air conditioner, you’ve possibly experienced a situation where it wasn’t blowing cold air because of a refrigerant leak.

Your heat pump uses the same technology as an air conditioner and requires refrigerant to operate. If your heat pump isn’t outputting any heat, it’ll decrease the efficiency of the system. If the leak is severe enough, your heat pump won’t be able to output any heat if it doesn’t have enough refrigerant. 

Whatever the reason behind a heat pump that doesn’t seem to be switching modes, rely on the team at Brown’s to get to the root of the problem and fix it for you. We’ll restore your heat pump’s functionality to return your home to a warm and cozy oasis.

Don’t let the weather get you down, call Brown’s! Brown’s Heating & Cooling is your trusted resource for heating repair in Colorado Springs. Contact us today!

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