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Stephen Lord, Last month

I don't normally do reviews but I feel obligated due to the great service we received from Billy. He came out to do an annual check of our furnace, which was done very professionally. In addition, however, he found out we were not using our heating system most efficiently due to our misunderstanding of how to use the Ecobee thermostat. He took the time to reprogram the thermostat and show us how best to use our furnace for heating the home. Highly recommend Browns' Heating and Billy.

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Cindy Franklin, Last month

Billy from Browns came to check and service our a/c today. He was professional and polite. When he pointed out that our drainage system had been poorly installed, we asked for a quote which he provided on the spot- then he completed the repair work for a reasonable fee. We will be using Browns for our regular maintenance- highly recommend.

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Stinson Haas, This year

Rep was very polite & friendly

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Kevin Pedigo, This year

Timely and professional service!

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Stacey McAlister, This year
Paula A's Profile Image
Paula A, This year

Very professional and did an awesome job!

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Tabitha W, This year

We are so happy with our air conditioning replacement Browns recently did for us. Everyone I dealt with from the front office to the owner and installers was a great experience. Our system was inspected today by regional and passed with no issues, they said the installers did a great job. I will definitely use Browns in the future. Thank you!

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Robert Bailey, This year
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Debbie Braun, This year

I would highly recommend this company to anyone and will utilize their services in the future. We recently purchased a home without central air and it was the first home improvement we decided to take on. The first company we contacted gave us a quote over the phone and a couple of days later called back and said, "We don't service your area." We then called Brown's and a representative came out very soon thereafter, talked with us, and gave us a quote. Soon after the meeting we did receive a call from Brown's stating we would need a new furnace unit, because the blower on our 12 year old system would not support an a/c system. As much as we hate spending money, it made complete sense given the age of the furnace and the square footage of the home. Thankfully, Brown's did not nickel and dime us and gave us a fair deal. The time came for installation and our techs, Kyle and Dylan, came out on the date given and in a timely manner. I so appreciated having them install our new furnace and a/c unit as it had been a hot couple of weeks and we were anxiously awaiting some relief. Kyle and Dylan spent a day and a half in my home and were extremely professional and trustworthy. The quality of their work was impeccable. Of course, I have no idea about the ins and outs of HVAC, but just by observance, their work was clean, precise, and complete. Unfortunately, our property is on a hill and has a lot of xeriscaping, which meant Dylan had quite a bit of rock to move and leveling to do before the outside unit could be put in place. By the looks of it, you would never know the a/c was installed after the fact. The unit is level, all wires are straight, the sealant stuff (sorry I don't have a better term) was cleanly applied, and the rocks and dirt were returned to their rightful place. Excellent work!! The installation passed the building inspection with flying colors. My one and only complaint is I did not receive a call back from Brown's after leaving a message with the lady, who answered the after hours call. Come to find out, I missed the original visit from the electrical inspector, because our door bell wasn't working. That's when I called Brown's, but didn't get a return call. The inspector came out and immediately saw the problem and reattached the wire. Problem solved, it wasn't that big of an issue, and the electrical passed inspection. Thank you Brown's for the professional and awesome service received by everyone especially, Kyle and Dylan. I look forward to working with you in the future for regular maintenance.

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Mackenzie Nickle, This year

We received absolutely amazing service today from Mike! He was super friendly and fixed our issue right away. He was also very knowledgeable and made sure we learned a little bit too. I definitely recommend their services.

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