Upfront Flat Rate Service Department Pricing

We wanted to highlight our upfront, flat rate service department pricing. Most of our
customers love this. If it takes us 1 hour or 5 hours to correctly diagnose and fix the job
at hand, you pay the same flat amount.
The question we always ask is “would you pay someone by the hour to paint your house?
Or would expect to know exactly what it will cost ahead of time?” And the answer is very
simple. You would never agree to just getting charged by the hour.
And before our technicians break out the tools, our customers know exactly how much
the job will cost and have the option of agreeing to or declining the work. On occasion
someone complains when a technician finishes very quickly. “But how can you charge
that much when the repair took only 15 minutes!”

Two things to keep in mind.
1) every price must account for overhead and travel time to and from the job as well
time spent diagnosing what the issue actually is, and then doing the work.
2) You are not only paying for the part and the labor involved, but for the
technician’s expertise on what part to change.
It’s similar to a doctor’s visit. Most of us at some point have paid a hefty doctor’s fee
merely to be prescribed some bed rest and a couple of aspirin. But when we made the
appointment, we didn’t know the problem was only a minor ailment. What we really paid
for was the doctor’s ability to tell us what was wrong. And for the confidence we had in
that doctor to be able to identify a serious medical condition if that’s what it was.
Likewise, our technicians are professionals whose most valuable skill is correctly
diagnosing a problem before they go to work.

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