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Is A Heat Pump a Good Investment in Colorado Springs?


If you’ve been wondering if a heat pump in Colorado Springs is a suitable HVAC system for our chilly winters, you’re not alone. Many of our customers who are interested in these unique 2-in-1 systems have asked us if heat pumps can handle our cold Colorado winters. They certainly can!

While we’ve been singing the praises of heat pumps, don’t just take our word for it. According to the Colorado Sun, “Heat pumps are having their Colorado moment, thanks to a combination of improved technology making the units more efficient in cold weather, and financial incentives from utilities and local, state and federal governments.”

The highly energy-efficient heat pump could be exactly what your home needs for year-round comfort. Read on to relieve any fears that heat pumps aren’t appropriate for homes in Colorado Springs and learn about their many benefits.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are 2-in-1 heating and cooling systems that both heat and cool your home. Unlike furnaces, heat pumps don’t create heat; they transfer heat using electricity instead of directly burning fossil fuels. With one system, you get year-round comfort.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

It’s helpful to think of a heat pump as an air conditioner: it moves heat using electricity. A heat pump has an essential component that allows it to both heat and cool. This part is the reversing valve. By reversing the heat pump’s refrigerant flow, it can move heat out of the home in the summer and move heat inside the home in the winter.

You might be thinking that there’s not enough warmth in the air on freezing-cold days, but that’s not the case. However, heat pumps can pull heat from the air even during low temperatures. Although it’s not uncommon to have some days below freezing, Colorado residents actually enjoy a fairly mild climate year-round with an average temperature in the low 40s.

What Are Their Benefits?

Go Green: Heat pumps are the ideal choice for those who want an eco-friendly option that’ll reduce their carbon footprint. Because they operate by moving heat, they use a lot less energy. According to the EPA, heat pumps can reduce electricity usage for heating by up to 50%.

Save Money: When you replace two systems with one, you’ll save money. Because heat pumps are so energy efficient, you’ll also reap the benefits of decreased utility bills. 

Are There Any Cons?

Because heat pumps work year-round, they need maintenance twice a year. However, when you have a separate air conditioner and furnace, you need maintenance for each system once a year anyway. 

They also cost more than a traditional furnace, but not a lot more. When you consider you’re getting a heating system and an air conditioner, the higher initial cost is easier to justify–especially if you’ve gone without an AC system during our increasingly warm summers.

If you’re excited about upgrading to a heat pump, then it’s time to reach out to us with any questions you might still have or to schedule an installation. Only highly skilled technicians like ours can properly install heat pumps.

Don’t let the weather get you down, call Brown’s! Brown’s Heating & Cooling is your trusted resource for quality heat pump installation in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact us today!

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