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How to Increase Home Comfort When Your Heater Seems to Be Making Air Drier


Home comfort can seem like quite the challe

nge in the winter–especially when temperatures are at their coldest. You run your heater, but you don’t feel as comfortable as you think you should. In fact, it only seems to make the dry air drier!

This is a bit of a strange phenomenon, but your heater isn’t actually making the dry air drier. What’s actually happening is the dryness is making the cold air colder, and this is why you’re feeling uncomfortable.

You see, the ideal relative humidity level in any given home is between 30-50%. Anything below 30%, which our humidity levels often are as the temperatures cool down, is considered too dry. Since humidity holds in heat, you’ll not only feel dry but you’ll feel like you can’t quite warm up either. Read on to learn what the solution is to this problem!

Whole-Home Humidifier Installation

The picture that accompanies this blog post shows a portable humidifier. This is what many people add to their homes to bring more moisture in, and you were probably expecting that we were going to say this was the best solution for you.

The truth is, however, a whole-house humidifier is the best option. And this system can be incorporated right into your ductwork, out of sight while keeping you as optimally comfortable as possible.

A whole-house humidifier increases the humidity level throughout your entire home, taking away the dryness that causes a number of problems. With a whole house system, you’ll benefit from:

  • More Comfort: The lack of moisture in your indoor air enables heat to escape from the body more readily. This means that cold temperatures will feel even colder. You can think of extra moisture in the air like a blanket or a coat–it slows down heat loss, and helps you feel warmer.
  • Energy Savings: Dry air can make your home feel like it’s 8° colder than it actually is! But when your home’s humidity is balanced as it should be, the warmer feelings will mean you don’t need to run your heating system as much, which will ultimately help you save energy and money.
  • Healthier Home: One of the disadvantages of low humidity is that it dries out your mucus and sinus membranes. Why does this matter? Well, because this is your body’s natural defense against the spread of viruses and illnesses. Dry air literally makes it easier for you to get sick. You know that “wive’s tale” about how being out in the cold will make you ill? This is probably why it originated–it’s from dry air, not cold air!
  • Fewer Irritants: Nobody wants to be uncomfortable in their home, right? Well with the installation of a whole-home humidifier, you can battle things like dry skin, chapped lips, eye irritation, and more–these are all dry air problems that you can overcome!
  • Property Protection: Dry air can hurt your property and your belongings, too. If you have exposed wood in your home, including any wood furniture, floors, or wood instruments, they can dry out and start splitting when the air is too dry for too long.

For professional indoor air quality services, or service on your heating in Palmer Lake, CO, contact Brown’s Heating & Cooling today!

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