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Boosting Furnace Efficiency: A How-To Guide


With winter officially here, homeowners throughout Fountain and beyond are looking for ways to stay warm and cozy without paying an arm and a leg for that comfort.

Having a great heating system in place is key to making this a reality. You want a heating system that will work as efficiently as possible, right? Perhaps you think the only way to make that a reality is to upgrade to a new heater. While this is sometimes the case, particularly if your system is 10-15+ years old, there are usually steps you can take that aren’t quite as drastic to boost efficiency. Read on to learn what they are!

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade Instead

Sometimes it’s not your furnace’s fault that it can’t work as efficiently as possible—it’s the thermostat to blame.

This might seem like a tiny and inconsequential component, but it has a big job! It basically serves as the “brain” of both your heating and cooling systems. It’s the device through which you communicate with both of these systems, and making an upgrade to even the most basic digital thermostat (or even better, a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat) will help you start enjoying more affordable comfort.

Utilize Weatherstripping

The heat from your furnace can seem out through draft doors and windows. What this means is that you’ll lose energy that you’re otherwise still paying for. You might consider investing in weatherstripping to seal up these drafts, which will ensure that the heat in your home stays in your home.

Use Ceiling Fans

This might seem like an odd piece of advice to be sharing during the winter, but read on.

It’s true, in the summer you use your ceiling fans in combination with your AC system. You probably noticed that this helps distribute cooled air more effectively, and even enables you to turn the thermostat up a few degrees, which saves you money in the process.

This same principle applies to your heating system, simply by reversing the direction of your fan blades—which you can do by flipping a small switch near the center of the fan. Do this and you’ll instantly have more efficient warmth.

Just remember that when warmer weather rolls back around, you’ll want to switch it back.

Schedule Maintenance

Did you have maintenance done this fall? Don’t worry if you didn’t—it’s not too late! But maintenance will certainly help boost furnace efficiency. During your maintenance tune-up, our professionals will comprehensively inspect your furnace for any potential repair needs, making adjustments and thoroughly cleaning the system inside and out. All of this together will help make sure your furnace operates as best it can.

When we say it’s not too late, we mean it. Consistency matters more than timing when it comes to your heating system. Furnace maintenance should be performed once a year at the least.

That said, if you have a heat pump system rather than a furnace, your maintenance should be done twice a year, since this is a year-round system.

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