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5 Benefits of Furnace Maintenance


Do you know when the best time to schedule furnace maintenance is?

Well, it’s a year or less from the last time you had furnace maintenance done!

That’s right, what matters most in this case is how often you have maintenance done. For furnaces, maintenance is recommended once a year. Alternatively, if you have a year-round heat pump system then you’ll want a tune-up done twice a year.

Now, as for the best time to schedule this service–that would be now. Early fall is before you need your system the most, and it’s the time where technicians aren’t as busy out on emergency repair calls and such. Read on as we uncover 5 of the top benefits of routine furnace maintenance!


Now, heating systems are not inherently dangerous. We wouldn’t ever want to lead you to believe that. Especially today’s systems! Modern furnaces are built with safety in mind, with a number of safety features to ensure the best operation.

But when a gas-powered furnace isn’t well cared for, you could run into problems. An improperly maintained gas furnace has the risk of accumulating cracks. The one place you don’t want cracks is along the heat exchangers as this can cause carbon monoxide exposure in your home.

This is most likely to occur with an aging furnace rather than with a brand new furnace, or a furnace that’s any younger than 10 years old. But maintaining it when it is still new reduces the risk of problems occurring later on.


This is maybe the biggest advantage there is to routine furnace maintenance. There’s no need to worry about your furnace suffering from a sudden, and major, operational failure, or not turning on at all when you go to use it next fall.

Part of your maintenance appointment involves a thorough inspection, in which we’ll look for small repair needs before they become bigger, plus we will clean and adjust components that need it.

Energy Efficiency

Furnaces accumulate wear and tear over the years–this is a given. But that wear and tear doesn’t have to hurt your energy efficiency! Annual maintenance actually helps your furnace retain 95% of its original efficiency throughout its entire service life.


Speaking of that service life, do you know how long your furnace is supposed to last?

Well, when it’s well-cared for, it should last you about 10-15 years, perhaps even longer. Annual inspections and tune-ups give your furnace its best chance of lasting that long.

Fewer Repairs

Did you know that regular tune-ups can actually help you avoid about 85% of the repair needs your furnace system might ever need in its service life? This is because we check for small problems before they even have the chance to become bigger.

We’ll alert you to these small needs during your tune-up, giving you plenty of time to get repairs on your schedule. Then once you have them done, you’ll have the peace of mind that your furnace is ready to go and keep your family warm and comfy all season long!

Don’t let the weather get you down, call Brown’s Heating & Cooling for expert furnace service in Fountain, CO!

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