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When to Repair Your AC and When to Replace It

It’s likely that a Google search for “air conditioning near me” has brought you here. If your air conditioner issue is related to the need for repairs or a possible replacement, then read on. Knowing when to repair and replace an air conditioner is one of the trickiest questions for homeowners to answer and feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed is normal. 

You might be holding a costly estimate for a repair in your hand. You also might be feeling pressure from a contractor to have your AC replaced but you think it has a little more life left in it. You’re looking for answers about what to do and that’s why we’ve created this helpful blog to help you determine how to answer this difficult question.

Whether to Repair: The $5,000 Rule

There’s an easy rule that all homeowners should know about when it comes to deciding whether to replace a home comfort system. This rule applies not only to air conditioners but to furnaces. it’s called the $5,000 rule and it’s easy to estimate.

Basically, you multiply the cost of a repair estimate by the age of your air conditioner in years. Here’s an example. An HVAC company has told you that it’s going to cost $500 to repair your air conditioner which is 7 years old. Multiply $500 by 7 and that equals $3,500. Because this amount is less than $5,000, you should definitely pay for that repair and not think any more about replacement. 

When to Replace: The Age of The System

This is the biggest factor when it comes to determining if you’re air conditioner should be replaced. If you’re not sure how old your air conditioner is, now’s the time to figure that out. You can ask the HVAC technician to check it for you. Once you know this vital piece of information, you should also know that the estimated lifespan of an air conditioner is 10-15 years.

It’s when your air conditioner falls within this range that a technician is likely to nudge you into considering a replacement. It’s not because they want you to sign up for a costly installation. It’s because when an air conditioner is nearing the end of this range, it’ll start to rapidly deteriorate. 

The Older the AC, the Faster It Declines

Repairs will be more frequent and costly the older your AC gets. Its performance will start to suffer. It’ll have to work harder to do the same job and you’ll be paying more for utility bills, not to mention wasting energy.

Also, air conditioner technology advances almost on a yearly basis. The air conditioners of today are much more advanced than those from even 5 years ago. If your air conditioner is on the tail end of its lifespan, it’s an outdated piece of equipment.

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to keep spending money on an older air conditioner and these are all things your HVAC technician should discuss with you when contemplating a replacement. 

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