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What Makes Professional AC Installation Different Than DIY Installation?


If you found this blog post because you were looking up information about AC installation at this time of year, chances are that you’re in a hurry to get one so you can be comfortable again ASAP. This is one of the warmest summers we’ve experienced in recent years and may only get warmer.

Now, while we completely understand your sense of urgency in this case, we do want to stress how important it is that you not rush things with your new AC purchase and installation. Rushing could leave you with a system that’s not properly matched or sized to your specific home.

This is especially true if you decide to DIY your AC installation–which we really do urge against. Read on to learn why professional AC installation is different–better–than DIY installation.

Removing the Old Unit

Did you know that removing your old AC unit can be the most laborious part of your new AC installation? This is because whoever is taking it out has to be careful not to damage ductwork, wiring, or the refrigerant line.

Refrigerant is one of those AC components that has to be disposed of a certain way, and having any leak out could be harmful to you and the environment. This is especially true for systems still using a phased-out version of refrigerant–R22.

Sizing the New Unit

When we talk about proper sizing an air conditioner for your space, we don’t mean we look at the volume of the air conditioner itself (although, that does of course play a role).

Rather we look at how much heat it will effectively be able to remove from the inside of your home in order to efficiently and effectively complete the cooling process.

Our professionals conduct what’s called a load calculation, where we look at the system you want installed, the square footage of your home, and then other factors like the type of insulation your home has and how much it has, how high the ceilings are, and even the number of windows and doors in your home.

Making Appropriate Connections

Ductwork and wiring will have to be shifted around in order for your air conditioner to be installed correctly. And then those components will have to be connected just right in order for your air conditioner to operate as it should.

DIY installation could leave you with damaged ducts, or hazardous electrical problems.

Testing The System

Oh, this I could do on my own, you may be thinking.

Sure, but do you know just how powerful the system is supposed to be? Do you know if the thermostat is calibrated correctly? Do you know if the cooling cycles are long enough or if the system is short-cycling?

Our team has spent years learning and working with all types of air conditioners, and we can ensure your system is working exactly as it should before we leave your home.

Brown’s Heating & Cooling is your trusted resource for expert air conditioning installation in Falcon, CO. Contact us today!

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