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What Are the Steps of Air Conditioning Installation?


We see people ask this a lot. And we’re about to share the steps—but not because we think you should ever try to install your own whole-home air conditioner. Doing so can result in an inefficient system, HVAC system damage, or even property damage. Air conditioners are complex, and installing them requires a trained and experienced professional.

We do understand the sense of urgency here. While we are still experiencing chiller temperatures, anyone who has lived here for even just a year knows how variable our weather can be. Who knows when we’ll need our air conditioners—it can be two months from now or two weeks from now!

So if you need a new air conditioner, you’re probably thinking now you need to rush. But we really encourage you to give the professionals a call, instead of rushing into a purchase and installation that could leave you regretting your decision. Here’s what will happen when you call us for your air conditioner installation:

First, We’ll Remove the Old System

This sounds like a simple enough step, right? Well, it’s not as easy as simply pulling out the old unit and putting it in the dumpster. Your old AC unit has a number of components that require proper disposal to start. This includes refrigerant—the chemical that makes the cooling process possible. Professional, licensed HVAC technicians know how to properly deal with components such as this.

Removing the old AC unit is actually the most laborious and tedious part of an air conditioner installation. Special attention must be given to ensure nothing is knocked out of place, and then the space needs to be prepared for your new system—both the indoor unit and outdoor unit.

Also, before we even start the installation process, we do what’s called a cooling load calculation on your home to determine if your air conditioner is properly sized for your home. Without this calculation, you could end up with a very inefficient system with the potential to fail long before it’s time.

Next, We’ll Make the Proper Connections

Once the new cooling system has been put into place, we will need to connect it to the vital parts of your home for it to function as it should. The main component we’re talking about here is your ventilation system—the ductwork!

Sometimes, air ducts will need to be shifted a bit to make these connections. A professional will know how to do this without damaging anything in the process. The same goes for the electrical connection needed for your air conditioner to operate.

Lastly, We Will Test the Air Conditioner

This is the final and most important part of professional air conditioning installation. If our technicians left your house after making the last connection without turning the system on, you’d have no way of knowing if your air conditioner is functioning as it should! We will turn on your AC system, measuring the intake and airflow to ensure that system operation is sufficient. We will also ensure that there aren’t any safety hazards, and make sure the system is doing everything it’s meant to.

For reliable, professional air conditioning installation in Fountain, CO, contact Brown’s Heating & Cooling.

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