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Should I Include a Smart Thermostat with My AC Installation?


What kind of thermostat are you using in your home? Is it the old, manual slider thermostat? Or maybe you have a digital, programmable thermostat. The latter is a bit better, as it is more efficient than the old manual types.

But you can take your HVAC efficiency up an even bigger notch by upgrading to a smart thermostat! Smart thermostats are compatible with any of today’s centralized air conditioners and can benefit you in ways you might not even know about. Read on as we elaborate!

The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

The main benefit of a smart, or WiFi, thermostat is that it is a computer system, and it is capable of “learning” from your heating and cooling preferences to adjust itself accordingly.

It does this by taking data collected from a few days of temperature settings, comparing that to data from its sensors, and generating its own program. This might sound like science fiction, but it’s not, and it’s quite helpful because…

  • The programs that your thermostat develops save you money without the need to sacrifice home comfort at all. Your smart thermostat will be able to access large amounts of data that it can utilize to develop a series of settings that can and will reduce your energy use. Smart thermostats were literally manufactured with energy conservation in mind.
  • Smart thermostats are super convenient! It does most of the work of creating programs for the day and night, as well as different days of the week (since many folks are home during the weekends but not necessarily during the week… that has changed a bit these days, but this is still a helpful feature!)
  • The WiFi abilities of a smart thermostat allow you to access your home’s comfort controls from anywhere, You can look up the conditions in your home from across the town or even in another state while you’re on vacation, all from your smart phone or mobile device.
  • These thermostats also provide you with detailed reports on the conditions in your home as well as how much the thermostat is allowing you to save. You’ll always be alerted to how the smart thermostat is working for your benefit.

Remember, just like with any HVAC equipment, you want your smart thermostat to be installed by a professional. Even though it seems like a very small component–and it is one-it has a very big job. The thermostat is essentially the “brain” of your HVAC systems, and an improperly installed one can mean a miscalibrated one, or one that picks up temperatures from the warmest part of your home instead of a neutral place in your home.

Our team is highly experienced at all HVAC installations, and we look forward to working with you to set you up with the right smart thermostat, and the right air conditioner to match you and your family’s specific cooling and heating needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

For professional thermostat and AC installation in Monument, CO, contact Brown’s Heating & Cooling.

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