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Should a Ductless System be Your Next AC Option?


Springtime is officially upon us, and the weather is warming up. Perhaps, if you had a struggling heating system this past winter, you’re considering a heating system replacement. This is definitely a purchase you don’t want to rush into, so we applaud you for checking out this blog post to explore your heating options. You do have time to do so! The question is, is a ductless system the right option for you?

These systems are very versatile, allowing for both effective cooling and efficient heating performance. Additionally, they help you save money and space within your home. If you’ve never considered this system for your household, now’s the time. Read on!

About the Ductless System

Have you ever thought about installing a ductless system in your home? While they’re not as common as the traditional central air conditioner or heat pump system, they are growing in popularity.

A ductless system is actually a heat pump system! Heat pump systems are set up similarly to central air conditioners, except they have one important difference. The refrigerant that’s inside the system can switch directions with a simple flip of what’s called the “reversing valve.” This is what allows a heat pump to cool or heat up your living space. Then, what makes the ductless system different?

Ductless systems are, as the name implies, without ductwork. They are comprised of a single outdoor unit connected to up to 4 indoor air handlers. These air handlers are often mounted up on the wall above doorframes, up out of the way, and can be controlled independently of one another.

Is Going Ductless Right for Your Home?

The short answer to this is it depends. Ductless cooling and heating systems aren’t the right choice for every home. For example, if you have a 1-bedroom, single-level apartment-style home that already has adequate air ducts in it, then you may benefit more from a traditional central air conditioner or heat pump system. But larger homes can definitely benefit from going ductless. Here’s how!

  • Improved Comfort: Do you ever noticed, depending on the time of the year, that some room sin your house stay cold no matter how long your run your heater, or warm no matter how long you run your cooling system? Sometimes, some areas of your home need a little extra help. You can keep a room like the kitchen cool while warming up that back bedroom with individually controlled air handlers, and vice-versa.
  • Cost Savings: One of the biggest benefits of going ductless for your air conditioner needs is that it means getting an incredibly efficient heating system to boot. The reason that heat pumps and ductless systems are able to heat homes so cost-effectively is because instead of using power to generate heat, they use power to transfer heat.
  • Space Savings: As we alluded to above, ductless air handlers are often wall-mounted, up and out of the way. This saves space in your home that you otherwise would not have with a large central air conditioner or even a heat pump system.

For professional air conditioning service, including expert ductless installation, contact Brown’s Heating & Cooling.

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