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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer Yet?


Alright, so it’s not quite summer yet. And with our variable weather we may not need our air conditioners much at all! On the other hand, we all know how hot weather can surprise us, especially when it lasts for weeks. Therefore, you want your air conditioner to be ready for summer and all it has to bring.

It’s never too early to start prepping for the warmer months! In fact, right now is a great time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance. After all, with summer coming and things starting to open up again, the last thing you need to worry about is a malfunctioning cooling system, right?

Maintenance allows our technicians to comprehensively clean, adjust, and inspect your AC system for repairs. These steps help it work efficiently and effectively, protecting your comfort and your wallet. Read on to learn more!

Maintenance Boosts Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest reason you should stay on top of your annual professional AC maintenance appointments is to maintain efficiency. Scheduling maintenance before summer actually begins in earnest ensures that your system works as efficiently as it’s mean to, and keeps your repair costs and utility costs down to a minimum as a result.

During the cleaning part of your maintenance tune-up, your technician makes sure that no components are obstructed or full of debris so your air conditioner can effectively do its job. For example, if there is dirt and grime settled on your evaporator or condenser coil, then heat cannot be properly absorbed or released.

As a result your air conditioner will work inefficiently, and it will cost you more to run each month.

Maintenance Improves System Reliability and Your Home Comfort

You want to be able to rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool, right? The last thing you need is a broken-down air conditioner in the middle of a hot summer day. Maintenance helps us catch small problems before they turn into much bigger ones. So you’ll be alerted to repair needs, which you can get on your schedule right away, and you’ll have the peace of mind all summer long that no ugly surprises are in store.

Maintenance is Convenient and Saves You Time

Far too many homeowners wait until they actually have a severe repair need to schedule service. Unfortunately, this is usually right in the middle of summer, when everyone is calling for repairs. This makes it harder for you to conveniently schedule a time for a service professional to come out.

However, you’re a lot less likely to face emergency or sudden repair needs if you schedule maintenance ahead of time. Right now is actually the best time to schedule AC maintenance! Of course, frequency matters more than timing though—we recommend that you have AC tune-ups done once a year—twice a year if you have a heat pump system. Scheduling it ahead of time makes it more convenient for you because it saves you time!

Reach out to Brown’s Heating & Cooling today for quality AC maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO.

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