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Get Your Cooling System Ready for Summer!


Summer is going to be here before we know it. With the variable weather we get, we could be hit with our first heat wave any day now. With so much indoor time, it’s important that we’re able to stay comfortable in our homes, right? Of course, this is only possible if your cooling system is performing as effectively and efficiently as possible. The only way to ensure this is the case is with a professional air conditioner tune-up, also known as maintenance.

Now is the perfect time to schedule your tune-up, too, before you need the system the most. You’ll be saving yourself from the trouble of dealing with unexpected air conditioner repair needs at the peak of summer. Read on as we uncover some of the top benefits of having professional maintenance done.

Boost Cooling Efficiency

If you wait to schedule service for your air conditioner until you have a repair need, rather than being proactive and scheduling a tune-up now, you could find yourself with more problems than solutions.

During your maintenance session, our pros will thoroughly inspect your system and make minor adjustments to make sure that it’s both efficient and effective, helping you keep repair needs and utility bills to a minimum. It’s estimated that your AC system loses 5% of its energy efficiency every time it misses maintenance. Routine maintenance can help your system keep 95% of its initial efficiency.

Improve AC Reliability and Your Comfort

The last thing any homeowner needs during a heatwave is for their cooling system to suddenly break down. An air conditioner in disrepair will leave you quite uncomfortable, and could even be unhealthy for the vulnerable population.

Scheduling maintenance now ensures that your air conditioner is ready to perform reliably, and able to get you through even the hottest of temperatures this summer. There’s no reason to sacrifice your comfort for a faulty air conditioner. Reach out to our team today and get the most out of your system this summer!

Don’t Rush or Scramble to Schedule AC Services

Too often, folks wait until the last minute to schedule their air conditioner maintenance, or they don’t schedule it at all and just wait until they have a repair need. The unfortunate part of this is, the most likely time for an air conditioner to break down or experience an issue is right at the peak of summer’s hottest temperatures.

If this occurs, you’ll need service and you’ll need it fast. But the thing is, so will many other Colorado Springs residents. Local HVAC professionals will be scrambling to respond to service calls, which makes it harder for you to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

By investing in routine air conditioning maintenance now, and managing repair needs before they cause a breakdown, you’ll have no need to worry.

For expert Colorado Springs, CO AC services, reach out to our team today. We aren’t your average HVAC professionals. Contact Brown’s Heating & Cooling for WOW service—we exceed expectations every time.

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