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4 Signs You Need Late-Season AC Repairs


If there’s any home service that you shouldn’t delay when you know you need it, it’s going to be air conditioning repair. This is definitely the time for it, too. Whether or not homeowners have their air conditioners professionally maintained, if they’re going to run into problems it’s going to be late in the cooling season, after their systems have gone through a ton of work and strain. The last thing you want is a surprise breakdown, right?

But the longer you wait to have your air conditioner repaired, the more likely this is.

So, you know to call us when you need cooling system repair… but how do you know you need cooling system repair? We’re here to share some key signs. Read on!

Signs of AC Trouble

We don’t expect our customers to be air conditioning experts. Our goal is to help you understand the basics. Watch out for the following signs that your air conditioner is suffering and then be sure to contact our team!

You Can’t Keep Cool

You may think that this is a pretty apparent sign of an air conditioner in disrepair, but you also might be surprised to find how long homeowners will deal with this issue. It doesn’t help that it is usually late season, when temperatures are at their hottest, that this problem occurs.

Temperatures rise, and household occupants often think that their AC systems are just struggling with the higher temperatures. This isn’t the case, though. Your air conditioner should be able to effectively cool off your home. If it’s unable to, then you need to schedule an appointment with a professional.

Your Utility Bills Are Too High

We get it–this one is a bit subjective. Aren’t energy bills always too high in the summertime?

Well, we want you to look at your bills in comparison to last year’s, or even in comparison to what your neighbors are paying if you can find that out. The thing is if your energy bills are a lot higher than either of these despite you using your air conditioner very similarly and no more than you did last year, then it’s a sign that something may be causing it to run inefficiently.

That inefficiency may be caused by a loose component, damaged ductwork, or any number of problems. But the only way to know for sure is to give our team a call so we can take a look.

Your Air Conditioner Is Short-Cycling

What does it mean for an air conditioner to short-cycle? This is when it shuts off and turns back on in rapid succession, without ever completing a full cooling cycle. It typically does this due to an internal electrical problem within the air conditioner, which isn’t something you can or should try to fix on your own.

You Hear Strange Noises

In addition to short cycling, you might hear your air conditioner hissing, clanging, banging, or whining. Whatever the noise is, if it’s different from the normal day-to-day operational sounds, then you’ll want to give us a call!

For professional AC repair in Manitou Springs, CO, contact Brown’s Heating & Cooling today!

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