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3 Reasons to Hire a Pro for Your AC Installation


Has the time come for you to get a new air conditioner? Perhaps you already know exactly what you want or think you know what you need and are ready to buy it and put it in.

We really have to discourage you from rushing into this task. It pays to have a trained and experienced professional handle this kind of job. Alternatively, rushing into a job like this can leave you sacrificing efficiency and comfort, especially if you try to install the system all on your own. Read on as we uncover three reasons you should only trust a pro for your AC installation.

1. We Know How to Remove the Old Unit

Sure, that sounds like an easy enough step in the process, right? But it’s really not as simple as just taking out the old AC unit and tossing it. In fact, your old air conditioning system has a number of components that require proper disposal, like refrigerant. Our professional technicians know how to manage this.

Removing the old air conditioner from your property is often the most laborious part of the process. Special attention must be given to make sure nothing is knocked out of place (like electrical wiring or ductwork) and then the space must be prepared for the new units–the outdoor and the indoor units.

2. We Know How to Make Connections

Once your new air conditioner is in place, our techs will connect it to the important parts of your home in order for it to operate. The main component we are referring to here is your ventilation system–the ductwork.

Sometimes, this ductwork will need to be shifted around to make these connections. Our professionals know how to complete this without damaging anything in the meantime. The same goes for the electrical connections necessary for your cooling system to function.

3. We Test Your Air Conditioner!

Do you know how to test a new air conditioner to make sure it’s working exactly how it should? We do! This the final step in professional AC installation, and the most important. If our professionals left your property after making the last connection without actually ensuring the systems works, you’d have no idea if your cooling system is functioning as it should–that is, as efficiently as it should.

We turn the system on, measuring the intake and the airflow to check that everything is sufficient.

This is a basic overview of what happens during AC installation. It’s a good thing to keep in mind that the whole installation process actually starts days before, with the proper selection and sizing of the system–an air conditioner that’s too large for your home can be just as detrimental to efficiency as one that’s too small.

There are a number of small steps involved in your installation that we did not cover in this post. But our professionals know how to deal with anything and everything when it comes to proper AC installation. The best thing you can do for your comfort and your budget is trust the pros for your HVAC work.

For professional, reliable AC installation in Monument, CO, contact Brown’s Heating & Cooling.

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