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Neisha Heidelberg's Profile Image
Neisha Heidelberg, 3+ years ago

I've been using Browns for 6 years and wouldn't think of calling anyone else. Prompt friendly service even when it's due to my own lack of cleaning filters.....oops.

Jake Harris's Profile Image
Jake Harris, 3+ years ago

I moved into an existing house 2 years ago and just this past weekend our furnace would not stay lit, terrible timing as it was the middle of January and COLD out. I went down to see if I could fix it and saw Brown's Heating sticker on the furnace. I called, they answered and said their tech would call me soon with an approximate time he will show up.
What happened next is what really set them apart. I explained what the problem was and the tech walked me through how to fix it over the phone (it was super easy) because he didn't want me to pay the extra charges for a weekend appt. UNREAL!
Well the furnace is still running fine, but I gotta tell you, I won't even think of calling anyone else if I need furnace services again.
These people are true class acts running an honest business!

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